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Setting up Manim and creating first animation in under 15 minutes

Walk-through for installing Manim aka Mathematical Animation Package on Mac.

Step 1: Install Dependencies

Parts of Manim

// Install Cairo

brew install cairo

// Install Pango

brew install pkg-config
brew install libffi
brew install pango
brew install glib

// Install FFmpeg

brew install ffmpeg

// Install Basic Latex

brew cask install basictex
sudo tlmgr install standalone preview doublestroke relsize fundus-calligra wasysym physics dvisvgm.x86_64-darwin dvisvgm rsfs wasy cm-super

Step 2: Install Manim

pip3 install manimce

Step 3: Set up a Manim project

Set up a project folder and create an empty python file.

Set up a project folder and create an empty python file

Then add the following code in it.

from manim import *
class SquareToCircle(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        circle = Circle()                   # create a circle
        circle.set_fill(PINK, opacity=0.5)  # set the color and transparency
        self.play(ShowCreation(circle))     # show the circle on screen

And run:

$ manim scene.py SquareToCircle -pl

Note: If you see an error like:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pangocairocffi._generated.ffi'

Then run:

$ pip3 uninstall pangocairocffi cairocffi
$ pip3 install --no-binary :all: -U pangocairocffi --no-cache

Step 4: You first animation scene using Manim!